KDM Story app
Once, there was a man, who loved Kingdom Death and praised Poots for what he created, but hated the need to browse several books and shuffle decks all the time. One day he built an app to fix that.
You may use the app ONLY if you have legally bought copy of the game on the table (no exceptions)! Also you may only interact with the content inside the app that you physically own.
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Ask questions on Telegram group.
Release 3.5.1
Jan, 8, 2021
Release 3.5.1
Jan, 8, 2021
Web Version to run in the browser
Contains most up to date build
(updated on Jan 22, 2021).
Good internet connection required to play.
Full Screen mode in browser recommended.
Current app version is 3.5.1. released on Jan 8, 2021. See changelog or report an issue.

This application is not developed, maintained, authorized or in any other way supported by or affiliated with Kingdom Death or Adam Poots Games.
How to use it?
The app takes care of the story events, settlement phase, hunt phase, glossary and drawing/checking of disorders, fighting arts, secret fighting arts, weapon specialisations and settlement events.

Please watch short 3 min video to see what the app can do.

Also It's great experience to combine the app with "Scribe for KDM" mobile app for iOS and Android which handles storage and survivor management.
To share impressions, discuss or get notified on updates - join telegram group KDM Story app.
How can I help the project?
Please reach me on telegram group to report bug or share your idea. Also, you may support project on Patreon.
Why the hell app misses X?
Please write your ideas on telegram group.
Do you plan to release mobile version?
You may try to run web version on mobile, but i really advice you to have Scribe for KDM app running on your phone :)
What about the copyright?
The app is a project of great love and created with a sole goal of making an experience with the game better for everyone. I don't want to violate any ip rights, also I would love to praise all the people who contributed to the app. So if you see some content of yours used and I didn't give you proper praise - please contact me and we would fix that asap.

Also to avoid violation of Poot's ip rights when using the app - it's forbidden (!!!) to interact with any content (cards, events and etc) which you don't physically own. The guy did a great job, pay some respect to him! You may only use the app to improve your experience with using content you already legally own.
How do I quit the app!?
Just press ESC key!
My fonts are blurry, what do I do?
It appears that new Nvidia graphic card drivers may cause image to appear blurry in the apps that use web stack to render. I'm looking for an automatic solution for this. But for now, disabling FXAA in Nvidia control panel seems to solve the issue: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/51789#issuecomment-416868789
Windows installer fails, help!
Uninstall older version of the app or install into some new directory. The issues seems to be related to nsis installer unable to update older installation. Looking for a way to fix that.
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