KDM Story app release version is 3.5.1 released on Jan 8, 2021

Project repository:
Web version (github master)
This list shows changes already present in the web version, but not yet added to desktop builds

Changes from v.3.5.1:
- (Feature) Added assets preload mechanism to web version to smoothen user experience
- (Feature) Added Tactics cards to reference
- (Feature) Added tactics and terrain cards random draw to reference
- (Fix) Fixed quarry popup closing behavoir
- (Fix) Fixed wrong lost settlements bookmarks description
Download links:

- (Fix) Paint innovation no longer increases survival limit
- (Fix) Survivors start position in Flower knight hunt is now correct
Download links:

- (Feature) Added Bookmarks functionality
- (Feature) Ringtail Vixen bookmark event
- (Feature) Added Gigalion expansion
- (Feature) Added Allison the Twilight Knight CCG expansion
- (Feature) Added Drifter Knight CCG expansion
- (Feature) Added butcher introduction event
- (Feature) Better Great Devourer event from CCG
- (Feature) Made Innovations draggable in the left button menu
- (Cosmetics) Added endeavor, movement and action icons
- (Cosmetics) Updated image for Inscruptable purpose event
- (Fix) Now back button in the Hint works correctly
- (Fix) Fixed crush on new game start
- (Fix) Now promo hunt events are drawn correctly
- (Fix) Lonely Tree promo hunt event now can be drawn again

Download links:

- (Feature) Added Trials of Champions fan made expansion
- (Feature) Updated voice for all story events and all videos
- (Feature) Updated some music
- (Feature) Added subtitles to all story events ('Subtitles' option now allows to set subtitles in 'Video Only' or everywhere)
- (Cosmetics) Added images to resources in the reference
- (Cosmetics) Made all text non-selectable and right click disabled
- (Cosmetics) Sped up animations again a little :)
- (Fix) Now going back to Hunt keeps music mute and overwhelming darkness behavior correct
- (Fix) Skipping story event narration now always correctly ends it
- (Fix) Fixed resources for ink blade
- (Fix) Backstabber fighting art can not be drawn until strain is enabled in settings

Download links:

- (Fix) Gear on Sacred Pool and Exhausted Lantern Hoard is shown correctly now
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- (Feature) Made app modable and localizable (full Polish localization and community edition mod added)
- (Feature) Added Percival and Fade whiteboxes
- (Feature) Added Fade whitebox
- (Feature) Added Lonenly Tree, Flower Knight and Spidicules expansions
- (Feature) Added Storm Knight fan made expansion
- (Feature) Added random settlement event draw
- (Feature) Added innovations bonuses summary window, current settlement event lingering effects are shown as well
- (Feature) Added more tooltips
- (Feature) Added armor sets tooltip when hovering on gear cards (one may toggle shown sets by mouse click on gear).
- (Feature) Added persistent hunt events reminders (i.e. Gorm's Laughter)
- (Feature) Some hunt events now may trigger showdown events (i.e. Gregalope)
- (Feature) Improved Gorm hunt pre/post showdown complex event flow
- (Feature) Added buttons to manage Innovations/Locations lists from every screen
- (Feature) Added buttons and flavor text to support campaign start events flow
- (Feature) Hovering on principles descriptions would not show corresponding innovation cards
- (Feature) Hovering on White Speaker white box gear sticker would now show gear tooltip
- (Feature) Added resources with drop chances to reference window
- (Feature) Added font size selection option
- (Feature) Added toggle fullscreen option
- (Feature) Impossible to perform actions (ie buidling location that is already built or action that needs innovation not researched) are disabled by default
- (Feature) Different innovation tags now have different color borders for easier visual orientation
- (Cosmetics) Made settings window prettier + added tooltips to settings
- (Cosmetics) Prettier monster hunt event card animations
- (Cosmetics) Prettier severe injury tables animations
- (Cosmetics) Sped up most of animations
- (Cosmetics) New appearance annimations for some cards
- (Cosmetics) Additiomal color markings for sets gear
- (Cosmetics) Added cross icon to close hunt events and improved some other in app icons
- (Cosmetics) Made reference window prettier
- (Cosmetics) Optimized resource loading to remove firefox glitches and increase app performace
- (Cosmetics) Innovations are added with the single click in the development window
- (Cosmetics) Now its shown by color and tooltip - when settlement event is already drawn
- (Fix) Disabling expansion just hides corresponding selected locations and innovations. They are shown again, when the expansion is enabled again.
- (Fix) Added touch support for dragging
- (Fix) Fixed reference window bug that considerably degraded app performance
- (Fix) Now locations and innovations lists are properly refreshed when location/innovation is added on the same screen
- (Fix) Considerably reduced size of some images
- (Fix) Fixed bug when sometimes empty settlement event is shown
- (Fix) Improved fonts scaling on various screens, esp on mobile and tablets
Download links:

- (Feature) Added Development window to settlement screen showing locations + all craftable gear, innovations and available actions
- (Feature) Added campaign selection from main screen
- (Feature) Added Lion Knight expansion
- (Feature) Added Manhunter expansion
- (Feature) Added Lion God expansion
- (Feature) Added Slenderman expansion
- (Feature) Added Dragon King expansion and People of the Stars campaign
- (Feature) Added Sunstalker expansion and People of the Sun campaign
- (Feature) Added fightning arts/disorders images for Flower Knight and Spidicules cards
- (Feature) Added Beyond the Wall and Before the Wall whiteboxes (their gear is shown in campaign specific location: Lantern Hoard, Throne, Pool).
- (Feature) Add innovations and terrain cards to reference menu
- (Feature) Explicitly show that new year starts when Settlement screen is open from menu
- (Feature) Updated glossary with expansions terms and updates, missing core terms and lots of pictures
- (Feature) Back button is no longer active on Hunt and Settlement screens to prevent people using the phase progress
- (Feature) Added ability to open other settlement events on settlement screen
- (Feature) Added "Return to settlelement" button to quarry showdown
- (Cosmetic) Added Campaign setting to specify currently selected campaign (campaign may be changed only on Intro screen)
- (Cosmetic) Changed music and voice in some places
- (Cosmetic) Updated First Story image
- (Cosmetic) Sped up animations
- (Cosmetic) Now reference menu opens on click not on hover
- (Cosmetic) Now all steps of settlement phase are hoverable with tooltips
- (Cosmetic) Moved milestones window to center of the screen
- (Cosmetic) Removed browser scrollbars in almost all scrollable places to improve visuals
- (Cosmetic) Removed top screen menu and white line on on top of windows app
- (Cosmetic) Added small coloured icons in front of expansions menu items to help with navigation
- (Cosmetic) Now Sarvation popup has text closer to rule book + it wait till user clicks the button before moving on to showdown
- (Fix) Fix injury tables loading glitches
- (Fix) Fix story event image clicking bug
- (Fix) Now showdown properly stars when survivors are dropped on the monster standing on OD space
And lots of other small fixes here and there...
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- (Feature) App will now notify when new update available on the site (once i settle with dev certificates proper auto updates would be implemented)
- (Feature) Added proper installers for both windows and mac
- (Feature) Added option to select card design (Fen Small/Poots/ Fen Wide (for disorders))
- (Feature) Made settlement event drawn via button persistent
- (Feature) Add Settings menu to all screens instead of Mute (Mute moved to settings screen)
- (Feature) Added mute and narration on/off options to settings screen
- (Feature) Added prologue event First Story (it starts right after the intro video)
- (Feature) Add milestones table to the Settlement screen
- (Feature) App settings are kept on reinstall
- (Fix) Fix backspace behavior with on-screen keyboard
- (Fix) Fix back, mute and 'draw se' buttons not always appearing at Settlement screen
- (Fix) Hide settlement events when corresponding expansions disabled
- (Fix) Hide quarries when corresponding expansions disabled
- (Fix) Fixed a bug, when subtitle vanished on the the video restart
- (Fix) Fixed typos in hunt events
- (Cosmetic) Now clicking on term in reference or item on screen menu focuses on corresponding element.
- (Cosmetic) Only core events are enabled by default
- (Cosmetic) Confirmation pop up when 'Esc' is pressed

Download links:


- (Feature) Add setting screen to Intro menu
- (Feature) Add subtitle to videos
- (Feature) Added on-screen keyboard as an option to be able to use the app with no typing
- (Feature) Show tooltip when showdown occurs on starvation space
- (Feature) Add settlement locations display to reference
- (Feature) Add armor sets display to reference
- (Feature) Add Survivor statuses display to reference
- (Feature) Option to enable/disable Strains for the draw-
- (Feature) Added option to switch on/off Hooded Knight and White Speaker events changes by whiteboxes
- (Feature) Added credits, mentioning everyone contributed to the app so far to about window
- (Fix) Fix size on windows resize
- (Fix) Fix Mute behaviour (now consistent when switching screens)
- (Fix) If monster on Overwhelming Darkness tile - trigger showdown, not Overwhelming Darkness
- (Fix) Fix rare bug with "Back" button leading to wrong state
- (Fix) Fixed typo in Herb Gathering tooltip (resolve -> survival)
- (Cosmetic) Add more normal Quit behavior -> Now app close on pressing Esc
- (Cosmetic) Make Roll Hunt Event always visible
- (Cosmetic)Traumas reference are now hidden when video plays
- (Cosmetic) Redesigned 'Back' button to be easier to spot

Git state: 7d71c0aec745102a7eb1e5397274aa84d2a55af9
Download links:

- (Fix) Fixed image display on different monitor aspect rations (now images are stretched to fill all windows height)
- (Fix) Added autofocus to big random event input field
- (Cosmetic) Rounded lower corners on text part of story events images
- (Cosmetic) Improved timings for removal of activated hunt icons, when returning to hunt screen through 'back' button
Initial public release
If you face some problems with the app, please report to KDM Story app telegram channel, report on GitHub (the most preferred !) or write it down below

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